Announcing relaunched oracle cookbook v1.1.1!


(Even though it has been out there for over a week now.) The v1.1.1 of the
cookbook has been released. I’ve released it under my own user-id on
GitHub. Please check it out at:

New features in version v1.1.1

  • Configure the EM dbconsole (Enterprise Manager Database Control)
  • Install Oracle Client and patch it to the latest patch
  • Choose the database template

Few notes about oracle cookbook v1.1.1:

The EM dbconsole is configured for every database. You can turn it off from
attributes/default.rb, if you don’t want it configured by default.

Attributes for the local database dbcontrol for all databases.

default[:oracle][:rdbms][:dbconsole][:emconfig] = true
default[:oracle][:rdbms][:dbconsole][:sysman_pw] = 'sysman_pw_goes_here’
default[:oracle][:rdbms][:dbconsole][:notification_email] = 'foo@bar.inet’
default[:oracle][:rdbms][:dbconsole][:outgoing_mail] = ‘mailhost’

It does extend the install time, but I also modified the
default_template.dbt to have less options on by default. The older template
is now named as midrange_template.dbt. For v1.1.1 I will make the template
file name it as a node attribute, so that you can override it from a role
for example.

For the Oracle client, please modify the templates/default/tnsnames.ora to
best match your database layout. Currently it is only has an example.

To choose a different database template during createdb.rb, check the the
following default attribute on attributes/default.rb.

default[:oracle][:rdbms][:db_create_template] = ‘default_template.dbt’

Please try it out, contribute and read the “Roadmap” chapter on the for planned features.

Best regards,
Ari Riikonen