Announcing Technical Community Advocate for Habitat

Please join me in welcoming Ian Henry (@eeyun / @eeyun___ on twitter) to his new role as the Technical Community Advocate for Habitat!

Ian has been an employee with Chef Software, Inc. for about a year-and-a-half working as a Solutions Engineer. In that role, he’s been helping our customers get the most out of their Chef implementation by counseling them on best practices, teaching them technical aspects of the framework, guiding their organizational transformations, and contributing to open source.

Recently, you’ve probably noticed Ian playing a more active role here in the Habitat community. As the Technical Community Advocate, Ian will focus on making it easy for individuals to find, join, and participate in the Habitat Community. You can expect to see Ian taking an active role in issues and pull requests on GitHub, in the discussion forums and slack, and, of course, at the upcoming Habitat & Chef Community Summits in Seattle. He will be at the Chef Community Summit in London, too.

Have some suggestions for making the Habitat community even more awesome?! Ian is a great place to start with those.

Welcome Ian!

Nathen Harvey
VP, Community Development
Habitat Community Forums: @nathenharvey
Twitter: @nathenharvey


awesome! Congrats Ian, seeya at Habitat Summit in Seattle! :slight_smile:

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