Announcing Windows builds support in Habitat Builder

Hi folks -

Since the first release of Habitat Builder, we have supported connection of files to Builder in order to generate Habitat package builds automatically. However that support has been only for Linux package targets.

Today we are happy to announce that we are rolling out builds for Windows based plans as well.

If you have a plan.ps1 file in the same folder as your, and you have connected the plan to Builder, you will now see automated triggered Windows package builds when builds are triggered via GitHub webhook based updates. In addition, you may also now connect packages that are Windows-only with only a plan.ps1 file to Builder.

With the release of the Habitat 0.74 client, there is now support for picking a build target when issuing builds via the cli. For example, you can now do the following to trigger a Windows targeted build:

hab bldr job start <origin>/<package> x86_64-windows

Currently, builds that are triggered via the “Build latest version” button in the Web UI will only target Linux builds. The Web UI will be updated with additional support for new build targets in a forthcoming release. Until then, if you’d like to try out Windows builds yourself, please use the latest Hab cli.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality. As always, if you run into issues, please either open an Issue on the Habitat or Builder repo, or ask questions in the Habitat Forums.


The Habitat Team

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