Apache2 custom resource

This is my lamp recipe that uses httpd resources. But as per the chef super market it says

The httpd cookbook has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained by its authors. Use of the httpd cookbook is no longer recommended. You may find that the apache2 cookbook is a suitable alternative.

httpd_config 'default' do
  source 'default.conf.erb'

httpd_service 'default' do
  mpm 'prefork'
  action [:create, :start]
  subscribes :restart, 'httpd_config[default]'

httpd_module 'php5' do
  instance 'default'

I would like to replace httpd_config, httpd_service and httpd_module with resources from apache2 custom resource.
Which of the following methods could be a possible replacement for httpd methods used in the recipe?

  • apache2_install
  • apache2_default_site
  • apache2_site
  • apache2_conf
  • apache2_config
  • apache2_mod
  • apache2_module