Application_python -- layout of settings files, questions about deploy cookbook

I'm almost there! "There" being getting Django running using the
Application_python cookbook.
First, I discovered there is a known issue with this:

I worked around that by making a link to the actual where
application_python expected to find the file
(/srv/bart/shared/<cached_copy>. Inelegant, but it works. However, I
still need to tweak the paths a bit for the settings file. It seems
like this is kind of a "deploy" question.

  1. I'm having a hard time getting the file placed
    where I want it.
    The deploy path is /srv/bart. The templatted file
    gets placed in /srv/bart/shared/. It is referenced (that is, it needs
    to be loaded as a module) from

  2. Also, there are places in the file in which absolute
    paths to directories are required, for example, so that collectstatic
    knows where to look for static files.
    For example,

# Put strings here, like "/home/html/static" or
# Don't forget to use absolute paths, not relative paths.
APP_ROOT + "api/admin/static/",
APP_ROOT + "api/static/",)
I can set APP_ROOT in the local_settings file, but it's not clear to me
how to include the directory created by deploy -- like this?
APP_ROOT = '/srv/bart/shared/current/bartrendr/'
But I'm not sure that will work if the directory is cached-copy and not
I'm assuming there's a better way to do this?

Can anyone point me to an example?


Liam Kirsher