Apt and Motd Cookbooks

I’m wrapping the community apt cookbook. I’d like ‘apt-get update’ to run
on every chef run. This does not appear to be happening. I have confirmed
this is the case by checking the timestamp on the
file /var/lib/apt/periodic/update-success-stamp between chef runs.

In the attributes/default.rb file of the wrapper cookbook I am setting what
I believe should force apt-get update to run on every chef-client run with:

default[‘apt’][‘periodic_update_min_delay’] = ‘0’

However, it’s not happening!

Also, I have a modified local copy of the motd community cookbook. That
cookbook has a template for /etc/motd.tail that grabs the value of
node[‘roles’]. The chef server for this node clearly shows roles A and B
when I use knife edit. However, when the chef-client runs, only role A is
being displayed in the /etc/motd.file. This file also templates the time
and date of the last chef run, and that is updating correctly, so this file
is … working. What would cause this?