Automate query-exporter using Chef. Need advice

I am in the process of automating installation of query-exporter using Chef 12.x on Linux server with CentOS. Here is the link to the query-exporter GitHub - albertodonato/query-exporter: Export Prometheus metrics from SQL queries

Below are the command that works manually on Linux server: -
/usr/bin/python3.6 -m pip install query-exporter
/usr/bin/python3.6 -m pip install mysqlclient

In order to automate above commands using chef 12.x. I am planning to use poise-python cokkbook as dependency GitHub - poise/poise-python: A Chef cookbook to provide a unified interface for installing Python, managing Python packages, and creating virtualenvs.

Below is content of my recipes/query_exp.rb file

include_recipe 'poise-python::default'

#install query-exporter
python_package "query-exporter" do
    version "2.7.0"
    action :install
    not_if { ::File.exist?('/usr/local/bin/query-exporter') }

python_package "mysqlclient" do
    action :install

I have added dependency in the Berksfile:
cookbook 'poise-python', git: '', tag: 'v1.7.0'

Updated metadata.rb file with below content
depends 'poise-python', '>= 1.7.0'

Please let me know if my coding in Chef is correct or there are any missing part that I need to take care. I appreciate any suggestion?