Backend Clusters vs. AWS Services


I’m trying to scope out the components to build a Chef Server HA solution. I’d like to compare an on-premise build against an AWS environment. Does chef-backend eliminate the possibility of using AWS Services (RDS & ElastiCache)?

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Steve K.

There isn’t really a reason to use them both. Chef backend is responsible for making sure you have data storage services that are up and replicating correctly. If you use AWS services, then you’re paying Amazon to handle that problem for you and the Chef Server becomes a stateless front-end.

At this client, the AWS environment is not an “approved” platform yet. However, we’re slowly trying to change that. By eliminating as many external servers to patch and maintain, I believe this will be easier to get buy off on. That’s the main reason I wanted to investigate AWS services for the backend components. The next step is to build a Private Supermarket and I noticed that the HA design (starting on slide 83) for that product does recommend RDS and ElastiCache.