Berks install fails while waiting for connection to supermarket - WIndows 7

When I do a berks install I am getting the error

Error retrieving universe from source:
  * [Berkshelf::APIClient::TimeoutError] Unable to connect to:
Unable to satisfy the following requirements:

- `tar (~> 2.0.0)` required by `user-specified dependency`
Unable to find a solution for demands: java (0.1.0), tomcat (0.1.0), tar (~> 2.0.0)

Though I am able to connect to through browser but unable to ping through cmd

Here is my berksfile

source ''

cookbook 'java', path: '../java'
cookbook 'tar', '~> 2.0.0'

Can you give us a bit more information:

  • Can you try curling it from command line? pretty sure they block icmp on their ELBs.
  • Is there an http(s) proxy on your network that your browser is configured to send stuff through if so I believe berks supports env vars (at least on *nix) such as https_proxy, https_proxy_user, https_proxy_pass (with the same without the s for non secure connections).
  • if its not a proxy required scenario can you give us a little information about your setup? Things like network topology might come into play here.

Yes I am behind a proxy server. When I try from home where there is no proxy things work fine but when I am at my workplace it doesn’t work.

Can you try configuring your CLI with the required ENV variables for using your proxy that I suggested?