Berkshelf 0.5.0 released - includes full Vagrant integration


I'm pleased to announce the next minor point release of Berkshelf - 0.5.0. A lot of changes have gone into Berkshelf since our last announcement on June 25th. Here is a brief digest of those changes sorted by what we feel is most valuable.
Built-in Vagrant Plugin
Rreplaces the concept of shims which were previously used to make cookbooks available to Vagrant from your host machine
When using the Chef-Solo provisioner
Cookbooks and their dependencies will now automatically be provided to Vagrant when you boot your virtual machine.
Vagrant will receive any changes made to cookbooks on any future provision command.

When using the Chef-Client provisioner
Cookbooks and their dependencies will be uploaded to the Chef Server defined in the Chef-Client provisioner on each provision

Chef API source location
Allows you to treat your Chef Server as a community site or an "artifact server". Have an internal cookbook you want dependency resolution done on or that you want to share between projects but don't want to upload it to the community site? Use the Chef API source location.

Default Source Locations
Define multiple default source locations to retrieve cookbooks and dependencies at. This is particularly useful if the majority of your cookbooks are internally hosted using the Chef API location.

Output Formatters
Output from the CLI can now be formatted as human readable (default) or JSON.
Useful for piping the output of Berkshelf to other applications who can parse JSON from STDOUT.

Cookbook Generator
Generates you a new cookbook managed by Berkshelf
Available via the berks cookbook command a number of customizable flags

'Only' and 'Except' options for installing/uploading groups. Previously only had 'without'.
Lots of bug fixes and improvements

Thank you to all the users and contributors who have submitted feedback or patches to Berkshelf. We hope that this release helps you reduce your cookbook iteration times and brings you closer to continuous delivery as much as it has for us.

Due in next release (0.6.0): easier installation and Windows support by dropping Gecode.

About Berkshelf

Berkshelf is a way to manage a cookbook or an application's cookbook dependencies. It allows you to treat cookbooks as their own self contained projects. Berkshelf was created to reduce iteration times on cookbooks and help bring continuous delivery to the cookbook development process.

For complete documentation:
If you'd like to contribute or peek at the source code check the Github project:

Jamie Winsor