Berkshelf unable to manage dependecies


Hoping someone can help.

I’ve installed test-kitchen on Ubuntu-14.04 and as long as my cookbook doesn’t require dependcies, test-kitchen runs fine.

When I do a kitchen converge, I receive the following


name 'my-cookbook’
maintainer '
version ‘0.0.1’

depends 'java’
depends 'partial_search’
depends 'chef_handler’
depends ‘chef_client’

source “


cookbook 'partial_search’
cookbook 'java’
cookbook 'chef_handler’
cookbook 'chef_client’
Error message

Starting Kitchen (v1.4.2)
Converging …
Preparing files for transfer
Preparing dna.json
Resolving cookbook dependencies with Berkshelf 4.0.1…
Class: Kitchen::ActionFailed
Message: Failed to complete #converge action: [Required artifacts do not exist at the desired version
Missing artifacts: chef_client
Unable to find a solution for demands: chef_client (>= 0.0.0), chef_handler (>= 0.0.0), gg-fri (0.0.1), java (>= 0.0.0), partial_search (>= 0.0.0)]
Please see .kitchen/logs/kitchen.log for more details
Also try running kitchen diagnose --all for configuration
Can you please tell me what I need to do to get my recipe to converge? I’ve installed the berksfile gem.

I don’t think there is a ‘chef_client’ cookbook - I think you might mean
’chef-client’ (