Berkshelf's chef_server source


The berkshelf documentation says:

“If a source is configured with the location :chef_server, then Berkshelf
will use the configured Chef Server as an API source. This requires Chef
Server 12.4.0 or newer, or Hosted Chef.”

I have the latest version of berkshelf installed, 4.3.1, and attempting to
use ‘source :chef_server’ in the Berksfile yields:

‘chef_server’ is not a valid Berkshelf source URI. Can’t convert Symbol
into String…

Anyone else get that?


I can’t reproduce this:

9:16 ~/work/demos/chef_source % berks -v                               [master]
9:16 ~/work/demos/chef_source % cat Berksfile                          [master]
source :chef_server
cookbook "docker"
9:16 ~/work/demos/chef_source % berks                                  [master]
Resolving cookbook dependencies...
Fetching 'chef_source' from source at .
Fetching cookbook index from
Using chef_source (0.1.0) from source at .
Using docker (2.5.3)
Using compat_resource (12.7.1)

Please can you check with berks -v that the berks you have installed is the one you’re running, and then if it is file a bug report with the output from berks -d.