Builder job audit information

Auditing information is now available for Builder.

Currently, we log Build and Cancel operations.

For each operation, the following fields are logged:

  • group_id: job group id, if scheduled (may be 0 if there was nothing to build)
  • operation: 1 = build, 2 = cancel
  • trigger: 1 = webhook 2 = upload, 3 = hab cli, 4 = builder UI
  • requester_id: the account id of the requester
  • requester_name: the account name of the requester
  • created_at: the time of the build or cancel request

The audit logs are kept in the audit_jobs table, on the builder DB. In order to retrieve them, log into the DB with psql, and issue the following query:

select * from audit_jobs order by created_at desc;