Can our Builder build see our Git revision hash?

We’d love to be able to send notifications to various monitoring services that would record the Git revision that’s been deployed or packaged. Is there a way to see the Git revision from inside the build Studio or from inside Builder when a GitHub webhook has triggered a build?

As far as I can tell, no, this functionality doesn’t currently exist. We’re always open to new feature requests, though.

I haven’t fully explored this, but I think you should be able to add core/git as a build dependency and then stash the output of

git rev-parse HEAD

somewhere in the build output to be accessed later. Would that work for your purposes, @smartb-pair?

This comes up all the time and would be really useful. I've created an issue for it here:

Yes, that does work and we can probably use this for a few things. Thanks!

In case someone comes along here searching for a solution - especially on how to “stash” the output. I was able to use the do_build() method to supply the git revision:

do_build() {
  set_runtime_env GIT_REVISION $(git rev-parse HEAD 2>&1)

The 2>&1 redirect should not be totally necessary though.
And in the corresponding hook I am including it like any other environment variable in a curl command to notify about the deployment:

curl https://monitoring.domain -F revision=$GIT_REVISION

If anyone comes across a better solution, please do let us know.

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