Chef 11.6 RC Available


Hi Chefs,

We’ve released a Chef 11.6.0 release candidate for testing.

How To Get It:

Use the installer script to fetch the appropriate package:

curl -L "" | sudo bash -s -- -p

Find a package using the omnitruck metadata API:

curl ''

Note that you need to adjust the query parameters for your platform and
platform version. Valid values are described on this page:

Install/Upgrade w/ rubygems:

gem install chef ohai mixlib-shellout --pre


There are some bugfixes included in this release that we would like your
help verifying:

  • OHAI-455: Some users have reported issues with zombie processes
    accumulating. I was able to create a low-level repro case and applied a
    patch to solve it. However, there is a chance that this bug has more
    than one root cause. If you’ve had trouble with chef accumulating zombie
    processes (especially with --fork), I’d appreciate your help verifying
    that this bug is fixed.
  • Rubygems 2.0 support: If you’re interested in running Chef on Ruby
    2.0 or just with Rubygems 2.0, please try this RC with any cookbooks you
    have that install/update gems.
  • File/cookbook_file/template/etc. resources: There’s a lot of changes,
    which I’ve described in a previous thread here and in this gist:
  • The powershell resource has been added to core Chef, so please give it
    a spin with your existing powershell scripts. In particular, if you
    have a use case for the architecture attribute, we’d love your help
    testing. Docs:


  • Template helpers
  • Configurable atomic/non-atomic file updates
  • Automatic restorecon for selinux
  • Automatic conditional GET for remote_file
  • remote_file FTP support
  • Updated ruby in Omnibus packages (will be updated again w/ SSL fix
    before release). The current RC updates to Ruby 1.9.3p429, which
    includes many performance enhancements for Windows. Windows users
    should in particular see greatly improved responsiveness with knife.
  • Ruby 2.0 and rubygems 2.0 support
  • Updated knife-essentials with a ton of bug fixes and new features
  • Added batch file and powershell script resources to core chef
  • Fixes run lock deadlocks and other file descriptor leaks
  • Explicit name in metadata.rb is honored
  • Lots of improvements for Solaris, SmartOS, and friends
  • Fixed deploy resource getting “stuck” on failed deploys

If you need any help installing the RC, or have any questions, please respond to this thread.
If you find any bugs, file a ticket and/or respond to this thread.


Daniel DeLeo