Chef and DSC Roadmap?

I’ve been watching some DSC videos from Microsoft Virtual Academy which were released in February 2015.
The presenters seem quite excited about the work Chef is/was putting into integration with DSC.
I can’t find any roadmap-type info on in Chef documentation or blogs/twitter.
Does anyone know the best way to keep tabs on the progress of this integration? or if its something that’s still a priority for Chef development?

The bulk of our DSC roadmap was getting dsc_script in core (last year) and dsc_resource in core (this year). Right now we’re waiting for a couple fixes to go into WMF5 that we’ve been working with Microsoft on, and then the release of WMF 5.0 RTM. You can test dsc_resource out now with the WMF5 preview. The dsc_resource will let you easily use any DSC resource in a Chef recipe, which really is the key feature.

We continue to work closely with the Nano team too. We have a 64bit build that will be made available for public testing soon, and we’ll be moving that out to general availability before Windows Server 2016 is released.

I try to keep some roadmap information up to date in the regarding my team’s plans, so you can watch there too. It’s typically limited to features that will land in the client though. For instance, it doesn’t mention that right now we’re testing a new ChefDK + Chef MSI package that is over twice as fast to install as the current one.


Bryan many thanks for this – will really help planning out which technologies to use going forward!