Chef and Postgresql

I’m trying to setup an independent postgresql databse with my open source
chef-server. According to my research we can achieve the same by using
chef-server.rb, and specifying required attribute details for postgresql in
there. I mention the following in the file:
postgresql[‘data_dir’] = '/var/lib/pgsql/data’
postgresql[‘dir’] = '/var/lib/pgsql’
postgresql[‘log_directory’] = '/var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log’
postgresql[‘home’] = '/var/lib/pgsql’
postgresql[‘listen_address’] = 'ip-address-of-the-postgresql server’
postgresql[‘port’] = "5433"
postgresql[‘vip’] = "ip-address-of-the-postgresql server"
postgresql[‘trust_auth_cidr_addresses’] = '’
But i’m getting error in creating the user “opscode-pgsql” itself. Can you
point out where i’m going wrong.
Any insights in the matter will be appreciated.