Chef and Windows Test-Kitchen Love

Thanks to the great work from Fletcher, Tyler, and a host of community members (like Matt Wrock), Test-Kitchen has much better support for Windows guests.

Carrying on with that theme, I’ve released a few plugins to make Test-Kitchen and Windows a bit more delightful.

There is:
kitchen-dsc - a provisioner that can apply DSC configurations
kitchen-pester - a verifier that will install and run Pester tests directly in PowerShell (without going through Busser - so no ruby dependency on the client)
kitchen-hyperv - a driver for Hyper-V, which is built into Windows 8.1 and newer (client side) and Server 2012 and newer (server side).
These are pretty early releases, so I’d love feedback, issues, and PRs.

I’ve also just kicked out chef-zero-scheduled-task, which is a provisioner for Test-Kitchen that will run Chef Zero in a scheduled task (to help avoid credential delegation issues). This is a super-early release, but should be mostly functional.

Some examples:
The Windows cookbook uses the Pester verifier to run its tests -
The cWebAdministration DSC resource has an example of a .kitchen.yml using kitchen-dsc, kitchen-pester, and kitchen-hyperv -


Steven Murawski
Community Software Development Engineer @ Chef
Microsoft MVP - PowerShell