Chef Automate install package renaming in 0.7.14 available


Chef Automate Install package renaming

The latest build available in the current channel (0.7.14) includes a change to the Chef Automate install package name. For any customers who may have scripts or other automation expecting the package name to be “delivery”, please note you will need to update to “automate”.

We have thoroughly tested the new package and expect the behavior to be consistent with the previous package; however, we strongly advise customers to back up their existing environment as a standard practice prior to installing a new build. This change will be made generally available in the stable channel for Chef Automate in the coming weeks.



After more testing we encountered a bug when upgrading from an older delivery package to the new automate package. Doing this removes the system symlinks in /usr/bin on RHEL systems.

We have yanked 0.7.14 from the current channel while we troubleshoot this. When we have a fix we will release a new 0.7.x version to the current channel for continued testing.