Chef Automate 0.7.239 Released

We are delighted to announce release 0.7.239 of Chef Automate. The release is available for download from

Resolved Issues

  • The command automate-ctl backup-data has been removed. Please use automate-ctl create-backup in its place.
  • Corrected an issue where users without root access could not use the --help command in automate-ctl.
  • Updated users.rb to correct an issue of adding ‘git’ user in a tightly controlled user access environment.
  • Added guarding to startup of the RabbitMQ service to avoid failures in cases where the network is not yet fully configured.
  • Minor UI fixes (button colors, navigation breadcrumbs, incorrect favicon in Firefox browser).
  • A newline as the first character in a delivery review title no longer renders an empty title in the Chef Automate workflow UI.
  • A bug preventing users with an @ in their username from saving and sharing searches has been resolved.

We encourage you to upgrade often. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or participate in our feedback forum. Thanks for using Chef Automate!