Chef Automate Open Source

Hey Folks,

It looks self-hosted Chef-Automate has a 60 day trial period. I was under the impression that Chef Automate was an open source tool. Am I supposed to purchase the license if I am to keep trying it?

Yes - their rationale is explained on the pricing page - and they provide links on which to ask more questions. Currently they charge for the ‚Äúcommercial distribution‚ÄĚ that you are trying. They do have an entitlement program for non-commercial use, which is explained more in the links on the subscription model faq.

Why does 100% open source software cost money?Our software code is 100% open source. You can download our source code and create your own downstream fork. However, our commercial distributions are the best, most effective way to get our products. Please see our Enterprise Subscription FAQ for more information.

Tl;dr The source is free, the binaries are not. will eventually produce a free-as-in-beer version of Automate. If you want to get al the juicy details come to the #community-distros channel of the Chef Community Slack.