Chef bootstrap command returned 128

during the bootstrap of a Windows 2008 host I’ve just received the “Bootstrap command returned 128” error. How can I solve it? Where is the log with the detail of the bootstrap operation?


WinRM is tricky, MWrock has a good tutorial on things to check when troubleshooting winrm problems with chef

Things to check

  1. Run knife wsman tests. e.g knife wsman test x.x.x.x -m
  2. Is there more than 5 winrm connections already? windows 2008 only allows 5
  3. Have you done a winrm config? winrm server isn’t running by default on some versions of windows.

Check the winrm documentation here to make sure the maxmemorypershellmb has been increased.

Yeah its hard to diagnose that. It may be unrelated to winrm. It just means that something in the bootstrap exited with exit code 128. A gist of debug output might help.