Chef Client 12.21.26 released

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday and to celebrate we’ve released a new version of Chef 12 chock-full of security updates as well as some new functionality.

Ohai 8.25 with Critical Plugins Functionality

Users can now specify a list of plugins which are critical for the Chef run. Critical plugins will cause Ohai to fail if they do not run successfully (and thus cause a Chef run using Ohai to fail). The syntax for this is:

ohai.critical_plugins << :Filesystem

Security Updates

We’ve updated multiple libraries to resolve CVEs:

libxml2 upgraded to 2.9.5

libxlst upgraded to 1.1.30

zlib upgraded to 1.2.11

openssl upgraded to 1.0.2j

rubygems upgraded to 2.6.14

Full Ruby 2.2 support restored

The previous release of Chef 12.21.20 introduced an Ruby 2.2 incompatibility in Windows DSC code handling that has been resolved.