Chef Client 14.1.x Prerelease

Ohai Chefs!

We have selected 14.1.1 as our Chef v14.1 release candidate which is scheduled for release on Monday May 7, 2018.

Release Highlights

Windows Task

The windows_task resource has been entirely rewritten. This resolves a
large number of bugs, including being able to correctly set the start
time of tasks, proper creation and deletion of tasks, and improves
Chef’s validation of tasks. The rewrite will also solve the idempotency
problems that users have reported.


The build_essential resource no longer requires a name, similar to the apt_update resource.

Ignore Failure

The ignore_failure property takes a new argument, :quiet, to
suppress the error output when the resource does in fact fail.

This release of Chef Client 14 resolves a number of regressions in 14.0

  • On Windows, the installer now correctly re-extracts files during repair mode
  • Fix a number of issues relating to use with Red Hat Satellite
  • Git fetch now prunes remotes before running
  • Fix locking and unlocking packages with apt and zypper
  • Ensure we don’t request every remote file when running with lazy loading enabled
  • The sysctl resource correctly handles missing keys when used with ignore_error
  • –recipe-url apparently never worked on Windows. Now it does.

Ohai Release Notes 14.1:

Configurable DMI Whitelist

The whitelist of DMI IDs is now user configurable using the
additional_dmi_ids configuration setting, which takes an Array.

Shard plugin

The Shard plugin has been returned to a default plugin rather than an
optional one. To ensure we work in FIPS environments, the plugin will
use SHA256 rather than MD5 in those environments.

SCSI plugin

A new plugin to enumerate SCSI devices has been added. This plugin is optional.

Chef Client Release Notes 14.0.202:

This release of Chef 14 resolves several regressions in the Chef 14.0 release.

  • Resources contained in cookbooks would be used instead of built-in Chef client resources causing older resources to run
  • Resources failed due to a missing property_is_set? and resources methods
  • yum_package changed the order of disablerepo and enablerepo options
  • Depsolving large numbers of cookbooks with chef zero/local took a very long time