Chef-client Cookbook on Windows: Cache location


Re: chef-client-15.5.17-1-x64 and chef-client supermarket cookbook 11.4.0 on Windows Server 2012 x64

I'm using the the chef-client cookbook and its "config" recipe to template the client.rb file.

I notice that C:/chef/cache attribute that was there has been removed in the client.rb file post change and the scheduled task command options doesn't reference it either ...

However when a chef run starts it knows where the cache is. I'd like to understand how this works as investigating if moving cache off the C drive is valid.

many thanks and have a great weekend.


The cache is simply another parameter (cache_path) you can pass in. You can add it to client.rb or as a CLI parameter. This defaults to C:/chef/cache on windows. If you're curious about the details you can look at this:

The chef-client cookbook appears to handle it via this attribute: default['chef_client']['file_cache_path'] = "#{node['chef_client']['conf_dir']}/cache"