Chef-client inside a chef-client

Hi Team,

We have a scenario where we need to run two Chef-client at a time. We are running Chef-client normally and keeping chef-client -o in execute resource. But finally it's complaining that chef-client is already running you have to wait until it's completed where it never completes. Is there any way that chef-client should trigger and come out, not to wait until completed ?

Scenario2: We are running chef-client with local mode, it's working fine as we need. But in our case for every deployment one cookbook will have changes, when we use -z it's not syncing with chef-repo it only takes from cache. In our case when we use local mode still particular cookbook should sync from chef-repo.


Can you not just run the recipe that you run with chef-client -o in the run list for the main chef run?




No David, main Chef-client it will executed via push-jobs and vault command is not working with that run, Vault is working fine when we run chef-client from node. Thats the reason we are looking for different approach.

You cannot run to instances of the chef-client simultaneously. Can you explain why you think you need to have two instances of it executing at the same time?