Chef client on windows 2008 (version number 6.0)

I’d install Chef Client on windows 2008 (ver 6.0.6002) host. In my environment I’m using the 12.18.31 chef-client version but on the the download web page I see only the client for the windows 2008 r2 (ver 6.1). Do you see any trouble installing the version for the 2008r2 on a 2008 host?


The same MSI can be used on all versions of windows from 2008 (v 6.0) and up.

OK. It’s what I desired, even though using knife to bootstrap the node, let it find the best agent version to install, it terminates the execution and the last part of the output is here below: it doesn’t show anything useful in my opinion.

DEBUG: [WinRM] cleaning up command_id: 43E0C692-9FDA-4CFF-AF20-B2305B747710 on shell_id E36B0B18-BCBA-4962-A1BE-DA491997F278
DEBUG: cmd.exe /C "%TEMP%\bootstrap-32703-1494348193.bat"
DEBUG: Looking for key concurrency and found value 1
DEBUG: Looking for key concurrency and found value 1
DEBUG: [WinRM] opening remote shell on http://hostabc123:5985/wsman
DEBUG: [WinRM] remote shell created with shell_id: BD63F9D1-7E95-4A10-81E1-34AD23CD569E
DEBUG: [WinRM] Command created for cmd.exe /C “%TEMP%\bootstrap-32703-1494348193.bat” with id: 0713F696-F235-4493-908D-D68B10E1ADF0
DEBUG: [WinRM] creating command_id: 0713F696-F235-4493-908D-D68B10E1ADF0 on shell_id BD63F9D1-7E95-4A10-81E1-34AD23CD569E
DEBUG: [WinRM] Waiting for output…
DEBUG: [WinRM] Processing output
DEBUG: [WinRM] cleaning up command_id: 0713F696-F235-4493-908D-D68B10E1ADF0 on shell_id BD63F9D1-7E95-4A10-81E1-34AD23CD569E

I’m going to use the msi-url option specifying the same MSI for the 2008 R2 version.

I’ll let you know.


The same problem happens with the msi-url option. I would find a better log to inspect what is going wrong. Any suggestion where to find this log when the installation is not started/completed?

The host is a Windows 2008 (32 bit). I’m wondering if this architecture is supported or not.


There is a good chance that your issues with knife bootstrap are addressed with this tip: The default WinRM gem codepage is 65001 (UTF-8) and works poorly with Windows 2008. To get around this, use the codepage native to your locale. For example, for en-US installs, add:

--winrm-codepage 437

to your bootstrap command.

If you are unsure what your native codepage is, simply run chcp in a console and it should tell you.

Hi Matt,
your solution works well. In my case, the codepage value is 850.

Thanks a lot,