Chef Community Summit - Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon


Early bird pricing for the three community summits we are hosting in October is ending very soon! Please head over to the Chef Community Summit website to register today .

Chef Community Summits will be held in Seattle (Oct 2-3), New York City (Oct 5-6), and London (Oct 10-11). Each Summit will include time for topics that are selected by the attendees so you will have a part in determining the agenda for these Summits.

The US-based Summits are focused on the idea of increasing, improving, and supporting contributions to the ecosystem (code, cookbooks, compliance profiles, habitat packages, blog posts, etc.). They will be a day of open spaces and a day of hacking. We will be discussing and hacking on all of the things in our ecosystem including, but not limited to, Chef, InSpec, and Habitat.

The London-based Summit will include talks and demos from Chef and some of our customers and partners in Europe as well as time for attendee-selected topics.

A recent episode of the Food Fight Show was all about getting involved, contributing to, and learning from your peers. The episode also included a discussion of the upcoming Chef Community Summits. Listen to the episode and subscribe to the Food Fight Show now.

See you at the Chef Community Summit next month!