Chef Community Summit - Last Chance!



I wanted to send out one final reminder about next week’s Chef Community Summit happening in Seattle.

We’ve got an awesome agenda of events with something for everyone and really hope you’ll join us. Go grab your tickets now or read on for more details.

Last week we held our Chef Community Summit in London. The event followed a slightly different format than our Summit in Seattle but was a really awesome time where we discussed a ton of topics relevant to the Chef Community. You can checkout some of the topics and notes from the open spaces on GitHub.

Chef Community Summit - A Preview of the Week’s Events

Tuesday, October 25

We have a couple of options for you to pick from on Tuesday:

  1. New training classes, offered exclusively to Summit attendees
  • Eloquent Tests - In this workshop you will use techniques to bring eloquence to your cookbook’s tests by eliminating redundancy, rebuilding common patterns into helpers, and extracting those helpers into a portable library of code.
  • Operating Chef Server at Scale - This deep dive into how the Chef Server works is designed for dedicated Chef Server operators; enabling you to plan for large scale deployments and be prepared to troubleshoot like a pro when things go awry. This is not a hands-on workshop, but instead will focus on making sure you have the information you need to be successful.
  1. Habitat Community Summit - Be a part of our first Summit all about our new Open Source project Habitat. Similarly to the Chef Community Summits, Habitat Community Summit will be an Open Space event.

On Tuesday afternoon, everyone is invited to the Happy Hour at Chef’s office - 619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor

Wednesday, October 26

This is the day we officially kick-off the Chef Community Summit. The Summit is two days of open spaces which means that everyone is encouraged to propose topics for us to discuss. This means we will cover all of the topics that are most important to our community.

A Happy Hour will follow the Open Spaces followed by a break for dinner on your own. We will reconvene at 8PM for a Game Night. Come play some of your favorite board and card games with the community.

Thursday, October 27

More open spaces and we close the day with a farewell toast.

Friday, October 28

Stick around Friday and head back to the Chef Office (619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor) for a hack day.

[Register now for the Chef Community Summit]((!

See you in Seattle!

Habitat Summit - Last Chance!