Chef Compliance Issue

Has anyone else seen this? I just installed a fresh Chef-compliance server on a new Centos 7 host (chef-compliance-1.7.7-1.el7.x86_64.rpm) and upon adding a node and attempting to run an ad-hoc scan, nothing appears to happen in the UI, however tailing the logs shows that the scan is indeed running. Also once a scheduled scan has completed, and I get results in the UI, I am unable to open the reports link. I initially thought that I had something configured incorrectly with either my Chef integration or with connection to Automate, so I reverted the VM and reinstalled compliance with no connectivity to Chef-server or Automate and still am getting the same behavior. Thoughts anyone?

Just as a follow-up, This turned out to be an issue with the local machine user profile. Going to another machine allowed the UI in Compliance to work correctly.


I have installed the chef-automate server and chef inspec on a a machine and chef server in a different machine. I am able to run the chef inspec with ruby scripts on remote machine for compliance but am unable to run the profiles created and uploaded in the dashboard. Could you please tell on how you were able to get the nodes for compliance?

Thank you!