Chef DB - table to store packages installed on devices (like symantec, fireamp etc.)


Hello guys,

I would like to know what DB table (or view) Chef store the packet installed on devices (like Symantec, FireAMP etc.).
Browsing all DB opscode_reporting and opscode_chef I not found anything.

Please can anyone help me?



The Chef database is not for public use. You can access node data via the Chef Server API (/nodes/..., or the search system). If you meant “packages”, that will be in the automatic level node attributes because it’s from Ohai.


Hello coderanger,

unfortunately I need these “packages” information from DB…
You mean that these data are no exist on Chef DB?



Direct database manipulation is not supported because we reserve the right to change it at any time. Use the API, that is what it is for. We’ve kept backwards compatibility for the API going back years now.


Hello coderanger,

Please can you post me an example of api (url, header etc.) ?
I’m beginner on this topic and reading the documentation I don’t understand what I can do.