Chef-dk 0.18.26 released

Earlier this week we announced 0.18.22 as our chef-dk release candidate scheduled for release today. Well as just announced prior to this, there was a regression in the chef client and we shipped a patch release to address that in 12.14.89. In the interest of bundling that client with the latest chef-dk, we have updated the chef-dk to include the newly released client and are therefore releasing 0.18.26 instead of 0.18.22.

The differences between 0.18.22 and 0.18.26 are small enough that we are not restarting the three day waiting period. The delta includes these gem bumps:

chef 12.14.77 -> 12.14.89
chefspec 5.1.1 -> 5.2.0
rake 11.2.2 -> 11.3.0
winrm-elevated 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1

Additionally an added feature is added to the cookbook generator for workflow users. See the changelog for details.

Also see the pre-announcement to catch up on the big features delivered in this chef-dk.

You can get this latest chef-dk from the downloads page right now.


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