Chef::Exceptions::FileNotFound: cookbook_file

I used to have these files in the files directory. I renamed to a different name.
At the recipe side, I am not calling directly but I cam calling through an attributes. So these are never called.

I still keep getting the old name of the script. What could be the issue?

Cookbook ‘codin_autodbbuilds’ (0.1.2) does not contain a file at any of these locations:

This cookbook _does_ contain: ['files/default/TSYSPROF.SQL','files/default/fasp_utp550.sql']←[0m

A bit more information will go a long way in figuring out what is wrong here. Some things we should look at or validate:

  • the output of tree in your cookbook
  • validate that 0.1.2 is indeed the right version you are expecting. I have seen when cookbooks are horribly broken in some cases (usually dependency related) chef-client falls back to a functional version.
  • the code that you are using to stick these on the boxes + any attributes (redact anything sensitive) related.

I saw that I changed the version in metadata.rb and uploaded and it started accepting new files.
This was a first where version change helped.