Chef habitat memory allocation error

I am seeing this error when I am using hab svc load origin/package_name in production.

memory allocation of 1102564011 bytes failed
Aborted (core dumped)

It looks like your package needs around 1GB of memory to start.

Could you give more information about the package you're trying to start? is it a binary package, or a jvm based application? etc.

The size of the package is around 1.02 GB. it is basically a habitat artifact package present in habitat builder.

I'm sorry, but I was asking more information about the application that is packaged, rather than the habitat artifact itself :slight_smile:

The error seems to indicate that there is not enough RAM on the computer you're running it to run the application. What is the running environment too (docker, a virtual machine, a physical server, cloud,…) ?

Hey rsertelon, my bad really sorry.

I am using an ec2 instance with minimal configuration(30 GB volume size) for deploying the package in production.

also, if you can help me to determine how can I automate that process to deploy in production. currently, I am deploying in ec2 instance by SSH and running the hab commands in the instance itself. what are the process that is officially supported by chef habitat?

I believe that what caracterizes an ec2 instance is usually it's cores and available RAM :slight_smile:

I'm still unable to help with regards to the RAM issue that you mentioned, since we don't know how much of it is available in the EC2 instance, and how much your application requires to start.

As for deploying into production, with a simple setup like yours (an EC2 instance with hab installed on it), you could start the service with -s at-once which instructs the supervisor to update the package as soon as it detects a newer version in your builder origin.

In fact, it mostly depends on your company's habits. You can use CHEF Infra to provision the instance, and run the hab svc commands, or you can use other tools too.

Great. Thanks for the help.