chef_hostname cookbook

Since I was deeply unsatisfied with all the hostname cookbooks out there I wrote a new one.

The main features are:

  • substantially more portable (fixes for Docker and stuff like that)
  • written as a resource, not a recipe
  • by default coerces itself to run at compile_time so you don’t have to fix every other cookbook in existence to lazy { node['fqdn'] }
  • it manages the hosts line in /etc/hosts and lets you override the IP and/or turn this feature off
  • it supports FQDNs as hostnames
  • i’ve gone through the outstanding PRs and issues on the hostname cookbook and I believe I’ve addressed everything that is in-scope.

The ultimate goal of this cookbook is to RFC it for inclusion into core chef and have a supported, official, correct way of setting the hostname on a server via Chef.

The Windows part of the cookbook is busted, I’m working on that.

I probably won’t support the reading-the-hostname-from-vmware code since that should just get baked into an ohai attribute if its not already.

Awesome stuff!

there’s some missteps on the links in supermarket back to the codebase, and a couple FC issues, but overall it looks awesome.

Now if only I was fully on Chef 12.…



Nice! Would be awesome to see this get included in core. I’ve been using the system cookbook for setting the hostname.