Chef in a Windows monoculture - success examples?


Here some examples :wink:



We use and to manage wsus. We also use the reboot_point from windows cookbook to reboot the server if necessary

Since chef runs without coordination by default, we use to add the coordination layer on windows reboots.


I just found this thread and its great! We’re looking to role out Chef for our entire infrustructure (moslty Linux, but around 1300 windows). I’m the Windows engineer working on our build using chef. For the most part its been great, just learning Ruby and how Chef works. The most difficult challenge I’ve run into and something I wish Chef would make easier is dealing with our proxy. Chef tries to go to the internet for everything, most corporate IT have proxies that get in the way. So when I try and install chef-vault it fails saying it can’t reach the internet. I also wish there was more examples geared toward the Windows environment.

cookbooks I’m using
powershell (installs powershell)


Joe, you can get around the proxy issue, by either adding a bootstrp proxy
flag to your bootstrap command, or you can just point internally for repos.
regarding chef-vault, proxy issue, you can try to add a http_proxy line to
your client.rb file to ensure it uses the proxy.


Yes I have a recipe that installed the chef-vault gem then chef vault has options in default.rb to specify the gem source to use.