Chef Infra Client 15.1.36 Released!

Hi there, everybody!

New release lever-puller, here. Chef Infra Client 15 gets a new minor release today, 15.1.36. It's got a new resource, some updates, improvements, and several bug fixes.

New Resources


The chocolatey_feature resource allows you to enable and disable Chocolatey features. See the chocolatey_feature documentation for full usage information. Thanks @gep13 for this new resource.

Updated Resources


The chocolatey_source resource has been updated with new enable and disable actions, as well as admin_only and allow_self_service properties. Thanks @gep13 for this enhancement.


The launchd resource has been updated with a new launch_events property, which allows you to specify higher-level event types to be used as launch-on-demand event sources. Thanks @chilcote for this enhancement.


The yum_package resource's helper for interacting with the yum subsystem has been updated to always close out the rpmdb lock, even during failures. This may prevent the rpmdb becoming locked in some rare conditions. Thanks for reporting this issue, @lytao.


The template resource now provides additional information on failures, which is especially useful in ChefSpec tests. Thanks @brodock for this enhancement.

Target Mode Improvements

Our experimental Target Mode received a large number of updates in Chef Infra Client 15.1. Target Mode now reuses the connection to the remote system, which greatly speeds up the remote Chef Infra run. There is also now support for Target Mode in the systemd_unit, log, ruby_block, and breakpoint resources. Keep in mind that when using ruby_block with Target Mode that the Ruby code in the block will execute locally as there is not necessarily a Ruby runtime on the remote host.

Ohai 15.1

Ohai has been updated to 15.1 with the following changes:

  • The Shard plugin properly uses the machine's machinename, serial, and uuid attributes to generate the shard value. The plugin also no longer throws an exception on macOS hosts. Thanks @michel-slm for these fixes.
  • The Virtualbox plugin has been enhanced to gather information on running guests, storage, and networks when VirtualBox is installed on a node. Thanks @freakinhippie for this new capability.
  • Ohai no longer fails to gather interface information on Solaris in some rare conditions. Thanks @devoptimist for this fix.

Chef InSpec 4.6.4

Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.3.2 to 4.6.4 with the following changes:

  • InSpec Attributes have now been renamed to Inputs to avoid confusion with Chef Infra attributes.
  • A new InSpec plugin type of Input has been added for defining new input types. See the InSpec Plugins documentation for more information on writing these plugins.
  • InSpec no longer prints errors to the stdout when passing --format json.
  • When fetching profiles from GitHub, the URL can now include periods.
  • The performance of InSpec startup has been improved.

Get the Build

As always, you can download binaries directly from or by using the mixlib-install command line utility:

$ mixlib-install download chef -v 15.1.36

Alternatively, you can install Chef using one of the following command options:

# In Shell
$ curl | sudo bash -s -- -P chef -v 15.1.36

# In Windows Powershell
. { iwr -useb } | iex; install -project chef -version 15.1.36

If you want to give this version a spin in Test Kitchen, create or add the following to your kitchen.yml file:

  product_name: chef
  product_version: 15.1.36

Test Kitchen Note

Chef 15 license acceptance requires Test Kitchen 2.2+ which ships in the latest Chef Workstation and ChefDK. Alternatively, you can pin your Test Kitchen config to use Chef 14.

I've made builds and instructions for the 32-bit ARM builds on CentOS, Debian and Raspbian on my blog here:

My Raspberry Pi 4 shipped yesterday and Raspbian 10 and Debian 10 builds will be coming soon.


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