Chef Infra Server 14.2.2 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 14.2.2 of Chef Infra Server.

Support for external Elasticsearch 7 installs

New installations of Chef Infra Server can now use external Elasticsearch 7 installations. Chef Infra Server will automatically detect the version of Elastisearch, so no additional configuration is necessary. We do not currently support upgrading the embedded Elasticsearch or existing external Elasticsearch installations to 7. This functionality is currently under development and will ship in a future release.


  • The opscode user which runs Chef Infra Server is no longer configured with an interactive shell.
  • Disabled the ability to update a user e-mail address in oc-id as e-mail verification was not being performed in this update process.
  • Updated the embedded Elasticsearch server from 6.8.12 to 6.8.14 to resolve CVE-2020-7021

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from