Chef Infra Server 15.7.0 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 15.7.0 of Chef Infra Server.

New Features

  • Chef Infra Server is now also packaged for el-9 environment


  • Support for a new platform was added: el-9


Updated OpenJRE to 11.0.19+7 to resolve the following CVE's:

  • CVE-2023-21930
  • CVE-2023-21937
  • CVE-2023-21938
  • CVE-2023-21939
  • CVE-2023-21954
  • CVE-2023-21967
  • CVE-2023-21968
  • CVE-2023-21948
  • CVE-2023-21949
  • CVE-2023-21950
  • CVE-2023-21951

Other CVE's fixed:

  • CVE-2023-28864

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from