Chef InSpec AWS Cloud Resources Released

We are delighted to announce the availability of Chef InSpec AWS Cloud Resources!

New AWS Cloud Resources

  • RDS Snapshot
  • Transit Gateway Multicast Domain Association
  • Transit Gateway Multicast Domain
  • Transit Gateway Group Member
  • Transit Gateway Connect
  • Transit Gateway Multicast Group Source
  • EC2 VPC Peering Connection
  • EC2 VPN Gateway Route Propagation
  • EC2 Volume Attachment
  • OIDC Provider
  • Traffic Mirror Filter
  • Traffic Mirror Session
  • Cloudfront Distribution
  • Virtual MFA Audit
  • Service Role Deletion Status
  • S3 Bucket Objects (plural)
  • VPN Connection Route
  • EC2 Network Insights Analysis
  • EC2 Internet Gateway
  • EC2 Network Insights Path
  • EC2 Network Interface
  • EC2 Network Interface Attachment


  • Added the origin path attribute in Cloud front distribution resource

Bug Fixes

  • DynamoDB tables fail with a large number of DynamoDB tables that require pagination.

Get the Resources

You can access InSpec Cloud Resources directly from GitHub in the Inspec-AWS repo.