Chef Integration with Azure

I am trying to integrate Chef with my Azure account. I am using the following link to do that:

In this link, it talks about downloading the publish settings file as the knife.rb file would need the following entry so that Chef can talk to my azure account:
knife[:azure_publish_settings_file] = "yourfilename.publishsettings"
The issue I am facing is that my organization has multiple subscriptions and I have access to only 1. Also, I don't have admin access on the subscription so I am unable to generate and download the publish settings file.
Is there any way that I can integrate chef and my azure account without this file. If not then is there a way to generate user based publish settings file instead of subscription based?

I don't think doing any 'hacky' way solves your problem. Chef requires at least subscription-level privilege to be able to have access to Azure resources via Azure RM API.