Chef MySql Installation

Hi ,Can you please guide me how to install MySql Using chef , Iam using chef version 13 pls share some latest cookbook that will be very helpful.Thanks

Have you looked in the supermarket at There are several MySQL cookbooks there.

Thanks for your reply.
Iam facing few issues here on mysql cook which i have created.
After installation of Mysql 5.7, iam trying to
Iam using the below to Create Database on Mysql:

mysql_database 'test' do
connection mysql_server_connection
action :create
mysql_database gives me error like method is undefined.

First i need to install the mysql2 gem

if i try to install mysql2_chef_gem i get error Package: No candidate version available for mysql-community-client, mysql-community-devel

Iam unable to install mysql2 chef gem , could you please help me on this error.