Chef Noob here! updating chefdk on chef server pitfalls

Hello friends-

Chef noob at the wheel looking for common sense advice, your kindness is appreciated. I inherited a chef setup that is utilizing chefdk 0.7.0, and as you might imagine, some older versions of other items; berks , chef-client etc. From what I can tell, updating will require me to download a newer version of the chef-dk and install it where the current installation lives on the chef server, /opt/chefdk. I was hoping for a yum style ‘update’ situation, but that seems to be out of the picture.

Anywho, any known issues with such a jump? The plan right now is to go to the recent stable release, 2.3.4. I think everything should be alright, I just don’t want to break our deployment process and have our current cookbooks, recipes, et al, no longer function after the update. Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Humbly getting into automated deployments,


Upgrading ChefDK is pretty easy, you install the package over itself. The issues won’t come from the upgrade so much as anything in your environment that was depending on older versions. It’s not typical to have ChefDK installed on your chef-server, we discourage that pretty strongly as that is usually a recipe for problems.

The known issues for that large a gap are to numerous to list so you’ll have to test this out, ideally on another machine, first.