Chef on raspberry pi

I have a small server farm, built out of Raspberry PI 3 servers, all running Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 for arm7hf. I have installed the Chef DK on my Ubuntu-MATE 16.04-amd64 dev box, and am attempting to run the tutorials (Configure a package and service) on an RPI system attached via ssh. I have installed the CHEF gem on the RPi, and have a chef-client command working.

My problem is that when I prefix the chef-client command with sudo, the system cannot find the chef-client command.

Does anyone have any experience with using the chef gem?

Ubuntu's sudo is compiled with an option where it resets the PATH and there is no way around it. Use the full path to the executable or find another workaround.

That’s probably because root’s PATH environment variable probably doesn’t include wherever the chef-client binary got installed to (I’m guessing /usr/local/bin, which often is dropped from root’s PATH in distros). If you can run it as a regular user, just run “sudo which chef-client”.

I am running raspberry pi fleet for various home automation (weather
station, 3d printer, reeftank) and i build some of the chef gears there,
you can find them here: . Chef
debian is fpm based. I could’nt get omnibus or stock chef gem working with
pi, last time I checked. I bet we could fix the issues on building omnibus
on pi, but it will require some time. I’ll try to upload a newer chef build
sometime during christmas vacation.

Let us know if you need any help,

p.s. Ryan Hass has also done some work on ARM + chef using raspberry pi. He
might have some information as well


Not directly related to your question, but I did a blog post on building
the Chef client on ARM here:

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Hi...I am looking to manage an environment that may exceed a 200 PI system. Has anyone explored in Raspian how we could do system management for users and patching where the count is greater than say 100 PIs networked together? Should I be looking at something other than Raspian to run on my PIs?

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Depending on which model of Raspberry Pi you're using, you may be able to use Debian or Ubuntu directly. I've found that Raspbian follows Debian pretty closely, but if you want an "official" distro you may have other options.

I run chef on a bunch of Pi with primarily /boo/config.txt, various i2c/spi/one wire config and stock service management (systemd resource). I used to build a fpm based ruby + chef package in early days(2016), to get ruby 2.2 (mostly due to raspbian ruby being very old)..but now i just run apt-get install chef and thats it. Currently the stock raspbian chef+ ruby is 12.14/2.3, so just careful with the features you use.

Let me know if you are looking for something specific.

Revisiting this old post, I've now got Raspbian builds for the Raspberry Pi 1/0 and 3 models.