Chef-Provisioning action :create is mentioned but cannot use


I’ve been trying to let machine resource only converge when needed. I’ve read the machine properties from, it said.

Ruby Types: TrueClass, FalseClass

Use to manage convergence when used with the :create action. Set to false to prevent convergence. Set to true to force convergence. When nil, the machine will converge only if something changes. Default value: nil.

But when I go back to machine actions, it does not mention :create action at all.

When I tried to use with :create action, Chef complained:


Option action must be equal to one of: nothing, allocate, ready, setup, converge, converge_only, destroy, stop! You passed :create.

I think with :create action and converge property, we can save time for unnecessary Convergence.

You want to use the :ready or :setup action. The difference depends on whether you want the chef client installed. :setup will install it and :ready will not.

So if you mean there is no :create action for machine resource, I will stick with other actions. Thanks.

Yeah there is no :create action