Chef-run policyfile

We have begun playing with policy files and started building them in our data_bags/policyfiles/ and it's been working. We wanted to try running it with chef-run as an intermediate step after kitchen before deploying to chef-server and live servers but it doesn't seem to be able to run them.
For example,
cd chef/data_bags/policyfiles
chef-run user@ mypolicy.rb -i /mykeyfile
[:heavy_check_mark:] Packaging cookbook... done!
[:heavy_check_mark:] Generating local policyfile... exporting... done!
[:heavy_multiplication_x:] Applying mypolicy from mypolicy.rb to target.
└── [:heavy_multiplication_x:] [] Failed to converge mypolicy.

'name' is not a valid Chef resource.

I tried to use my lock file but it said it was not a valid file being .json extension. Is there a way to get chef-run to do a run-list / policyfile that is not in a cookbook folder or named Policyfile.rb