Chef-run successfully converged but not making changes at node end

I am executing chef-run from linux wokstation to the windows node over open ssh. it shows converged succefully, but not actually creating the file on node. No logs in ~/.chef-workstation/logs/stack-trace.log.
[ec2-user@workstation chef-repo] chef-run user@<ip> ./cookbooks/testcookbook/recipes/default.rb --password [✔] Packaging cookbook... done! [✔] Generating local policyfile... exporting... done! [✔] Applying cbtestcookbook::default from /home/ec2-user/chef-repo/cookbooks/testcookbook to target. └── [✔] [x.x.x.x] Successfully converged testcookbook::default. [ec2-user@workstation chef-repo]
[ec2-user@workstation chef-repo]$ chef -v
Chef Workstation: 0.4.2
chef-run: 0.3.0
chef-client: 15.0.300
delivery-cli: 0.0.52
berks: 7.0.8
test-kitchen: 2.2.5
inspec: 4.3.2

from the windows chef node
PS C:\Users\test> chef-apply C:\Users\test\Desktop\testcookbook\recipes\default.rb
Recipe: (chef-apply cookbook)::(chef-apply recipe)

  • file[C:\test.txt] action create
    • create new file C:\test.txt
    • update content in file C:\test.txt from none to c2aecc
      --- C:\test.txt 2019-08-27 09:14:28.700338500 +0300
      +++ C:\chef-test20190827-9108-p20105.txt 2019-08-27 09:14:28.700338500 +0300
      @@ -1 +1,2 @@
      +hellow world
      PS C:\Users\test>

PS C:\Users\test> chef-client -v
Chef Infra Client: 15.1.36

my recipe here
cat default.rb
file 'c:\test.txt' do
content 'hellow world'