Chef Server 12 RC6 Available, Candidate for GA

Hello Chefs,

If you’ve been following along with the tracking document[1] for Chef
Server 12, then you’ve seen that the server team has cleared all the
must complete tasks. Having reached this milestone, Chef Server 12 RC6
is now available. It can be downloaded from the downloads site[2]. This
RC is being put through the full QA test suite as we speak. Should it
pass, we’ll be promoting RC6 to the Chef Server 12 GA and releasing it.
Our hope is for the QA to be complete this week and for the release to
happen as soon as that is done, either late this week or very early next.

You are invited to try out the RC6 for yourself and let us know of any
issues. Should you find anything, open an issue on the chef-server
repo[3]. All issues will be triaged and if a show stopper is found it
will be fixed and another RC will be created.

The Changelog[4] and Release notes[5] are publicly available in the
opscode-omnibus repo[6]. The server team will be ensuring these are
up-to-date and tinkering with the format of these before release. In
addition we’ll be working to ensure the release notes on the docs site
are up-to-date as well before GA.

With RC6, Ubuntu 14.04 is now an officially supported platform for the
Chef Server. RHEL/CentOS 7 is not yet supported. That support is planned
for the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out on IRC in the
#chef room or on the mailing list. All Chef employees will do their best
to respond and ensure any questions make it to the server team if an
answer is not immediately known.


The Chef Server Team