Chef server LDAP and Internal Users

I have installed and tested a chef server on my internal infrastructure. When I add the LDAP configuration I can no longer connect to the server using the local user created during the chef server setup BUT can link this to an LDAP user, so not all is lost.
I am wondering if there is a way to use both internal and external users with chef without having to link an internal user to an LDAP account. EG: I want the master admin account to always be an internal/Local chef user and for the consumers/users to be LDAP enabled.
We are using chef server 12.10.0.

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Hopefully you've found the answer you need, but I came across this unanswered question when trying to find the same answer for myself. Adding a comment for anyone else that may come across this in the future.

I used chef-server-ctl user-create to create a user, then chef-server-ctl org-user-add to add it to the appropriate organization on my LDAP-enabled chef server. I tried to log in to chef manage, but it did not accept the username/password. On the other hand, authentication with the PEM did work. This meets my needs, but may not meet yours.

Hope this helps someone in the future.