Chef server reports and run history


I have chef server 1w.19.36 running very well. I don’t have chef-atomate.

Only issue I have is reports and run history always show

404 “Not Found”

I set secret data_collector token etc but no help.
Not sure what I am missing? How to get reports and run history information?


This is a feature of Chef Automate and not of Chef Server. Your options are basically:

  1. buy Chef Automate
  2. See if something like foreman meets your needs and you’re cool with maintaining it (note, I have no personal experience with the project aside from providing some pointers to source code for the folks who wrote the Chef plugins a while back)
  3. Build your own thing either by proxying the data collector URL or via Chef Handlers. There might be some code on GitHub to send Chef data to an ELK stack or something, I haven’t looked in a while.



I will take a look at chef automate.

One thing is odd though, if it is not part of chef server why even it shows up… by showing the tab and throwing 404 is confusing for sure.

Thanks again